Чемпионат Латвии 2016,

Началась регистрация на сайте mytkd.lv. В этом году чемпионат Латвии будет открытым. Nolikums Informācija:

Categories - Kyorugi - olympic style (attachment Nr 1).

Rules - WTF, ETU, LTKF.

Deadline – November, 8, 2016

Attachment Nr 1 „KERUGI” Olympic style
Participation: Every participant should use own Taekwondo dobok and individual protection which is WTF approved. Daedo PSS will be used for the competitions.

Organiznig committee will provide body protectors.

ATTENTION: Only sportsmen members of National Associations which are members of ETU/WTF allowed to participate.


Registration and weight-in – 18:00-21:00 on November,11,2016, “Ventspils”Olympic Hotel (Sporta 7, Ventspils, LV-3601, Latvia)

Competition starts - 09:00 on November,12,2016.

Awarding - All the 1,2,3 places will be awarded with medals and certificates .

Kids (2007-2008) 2 rounds x 1 min.
Kids (2005-2006) 2 rounds x 1 min.
Cadets (2002-2004) 3 rounds x 1 min
Juniors (1999-2001) 3 rounds x 1,5 min
Seniors (1999+) 3 rounds x 2 min

Adreses: “Centrs” Sports Hall, Brivibas 14, Ventspils, LV-3601, Latvia